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ProEduca z.s. is a private association of professional teachers specialising in innovation in education and in providing supporting services (mainly training for education staff and youth) to schools and non-profit organisations in education. ProEduca has worked on more than 25 different projects aimed at the improvement of the educational system during the last 12 years. These projects were focused on the development and dissemination of innovative teaching approaches, curricula modification and creation of new training programs for specific target groups (senior learners, unemployed people, VET teachers and trainers, employers, young people etc.). The main topics ProEduca has dealt with during the last years are related to:
● digitalisation of education delivery
● professional development of teachers and trainers, especially in VET
● design of training activities and training materials for teachers, particularly in VET
● ICT training development for all education levels
● environment and climate change
● sustainable consumption and production, especially circular economy
● training and education of the EU society, entrepreneurs and especially VET teachers in topics related to the ageing population.